What are the Journeys sets?

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Loot's Journeys are sets of standalone bundles based on Norse mythology.

We have released the first set in the Journey series in 2021, called Journey to Valhalla. It is composed of the following Viking tribes:

  • The Sverting, masters of the forested plains of Claigard.
  • The Froderung, occupants of the snowy hills of the land.
  • The Askelung, rulers of the shores, naval commerce, and mariculture.
  • Plus a special bundle full of monsters!

The most recent one is called Journey to Nidavellir, released December 2022, and it has the following Dwarf tribes:

  • The Torzadür, who embraced the might of Thor.
  • The Wodëngar, who worship the wisdom of Odin.
  • The Kragudür, who have succumbed to the madness of Loki.
  • Plus a bundle full of Hel's monsters, including the hoarder dragon, Fafnir, and an original one shot adventure to play with the set's miniatures, besides a map of Utgard to print in poster format!

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