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Dear Loot Studios customers,

We would like to share some important updates regarding our Loyalty System. As always, our goal is to provide the best possible experience to our subscribers and ensure that each of you is properly rewarded for your time with us. Therefore, starting August 1st, we will implement changes to enhance our reward program.



Since this January, we have been working with a seasonal reward system. Each season lasts for six months, and you will receive a reward at the end of each season.

The season reward system offers extra benefits to those who own the season bundles. Starting from the current season, Song of Sins, a bonus will also be available for those with the first three bundles of the season. This bonus can vary from exclusive props, unique items, playable scenarios, extra miniatures, and much more.



We are introducing a new redemption system: the Loot Coins System!

We aim to make your experience more rewarding and further value your loyalty. From now on, you will have two ways to earn Loot Coins: monthly, just by having an active subscription, and by purchasing any of our previous bundles.

With your Loot Coins in hand, you will have various options to enjoy. Initially, you can exchange them for our incredible collectible statues (also available in 32mm and 75mm), whether from the Sci-fi or Fantasy subscription.

If you already own all the statues, don't worry! Soon you'll be able to use your Loot Coins to unlock exclusive rewards and special giveaways. You will start accumulating Loot Coins this August, and we are striving to fully release this new system, including ways for you to check your balance, as well as ways to spend your coins, from October onwards.

Furthermore, the longer you stay with us, the more Loot Coins you’ll earn. In addition to this, customers who are subscribed to both Sci-Fi and Fantasy will receive bonus Loot Coins on top.

We greatly appreciate your understanding and ongoing support for Loot Studios. We are excited to implement these changes and provide you with an even better reward program. If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.


With regards,

The Loot Studios Team