How can I prevent my prints from warping?

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Warping is a common issue when 3D printing, especially on large surfaces and heavier parts, but it can be reduced or even completely avoided with a few adjustments.

The major steps to prevent your prints from warping are to level your printer and calibrate your resin to your environment.

Leveling your printer can be done by following the manufacturer's instructions, usually using a paper sheet. We have created this video to help with that process.

Regarding calibrating your printer to your resin, a good starting point is using Lychee's community profiles and working from there, changing parameters according to your environment. You can use this article from our Knowledge Base to help with this process.

Finally, if after taking these precautions, you're still having warping issues, you could try a few other alternatives:

  • Slightly increase exposure times (ensure you don't go too high, as this can cause loss of details).
  • Add a few more supports if the part has a large surface and/or is heavy.
  • Finally, Hollow models, when available, reduce the strain on the supports due to their lower weight, which can alleviate the reasons that lead to warping.

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