Disclaimer - Beta Release of the new “My Loots” experience

Support | Loot Studios
Support | Loot Studios
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Thank you for being part of the initial beta round of the new search, visualization, and download experience on Loot’s platform. We would like to provide you with important information about this system and address common questions to ensure a smooth experience.

1. Beta Phase: The new My Loots functionality will be in beta for a few weeks. This approach allows us to responsibly release the latest features without disruption. During this phase, we appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to refine the system based on user feedback.

2. Login Instructions: To access the new My Loots experience, please log in at (http://app.lootstudios.com/) or click the banner available in the current platform's My Loots if you are enrolled in the beta program. This will allow you to explore and utilize the new functionality seamlessly.

3. Feature Adjustments: Certain features of the new system may require adjustments to provide the best possible experience. This includes related term searches in the search bar and race and class tagging in filters. We are actively working to optimize these features and appreciate your input in identifying areas that need improvement.

4. Limited Functionality: During this first beta phase, only the My Loots functionality will be available on the new platform (app.lootstudios.com). In the future, we will migrate other features too, to provide a comprehensive experience. However, please note that for the duration of this beta phase, only inventory management will be available on the app.

5. Inventory synchronization: During the beta phase, any new purchases made through the current platform will not be immediately synchronized with users' existing inventory. Consequently, any new bundles purchased after the start of the beta program will not be instantly accessible in your app.lootstudios.com inventory. To view and download your most recent acquisitions, kindly visit the "My Loots" page on lootstudios.com.

6. Potential Issues: As with any beta release, the app may exhibit unexpected behavior and some bugs. We kindly request your cooperation in reporting any problems you encounter to our customer success team. By promptly notifying us of any issues through this link, you will assist us in addressing them efficiently and improving the overall user experience.

7. Suggestions for Improvement: Your feedback is invaluable in helping us enhance the new system. If you have any suggestions for improvements or additional features that would benefit the platform, we encourage you to message our customer success team through this link. We appreciate your input and strive to incorporate valuable suggestions into future updates.

Please keep in mind that as a beta release, the new experience is still undergoing refinement. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by unexpected behavior or bugs and appreciate your understanding during this phase.

Your participation and feedback are essential as we work together to create a superior user experience. Thank you for being a valued member of our beta program and for helping us shape the future of Loot!