Can I use Loot’s creations publicly, either online or printed?

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Support | Loot Studios
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As a rule of thumb, personal use of our minis, however it is, falls under our TOS and is allowed, while commercial use is not.

Since streaming is an emergent media format, we have expressly permitted it as long as exhibiting our minis is not the main purpose of your show. This means that using them for an RPG campaign or to depict your painting skills is fine, while using them to advertise a page where you sell stuff is not.

Please note that, if you show the minis you've printed and/or painted yourself, you don't need to credit Loot. However, if you use any of Loot's resources, including Concept Art pictures, 3D renders, and other marketing material, you should make it clear that these were made by and belong to Loot.

If you are unsure whether your use case is allowed or not, feel free to reach out to our team and we'll clarify any doubts:

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