What is the difference between Hollow, Solid, Slicer and Unsup download options?

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Support | Loot Studios
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Here are the differences between our different download options:

  • Solid: the mini is filled with resin, which makes it heavier and more costlier to print (but also sturdier, and there's little work to be done after printing.).
  • Hollow: the mini's interior is not filled. It has some supports, but it's mainly empty, making it faster to print, and spending less resin. You'd have to cure the inside, so it demands a little more work.
  • Slicer: these files are to be used with the Lychee slicer, which is the program Loot’s 3D team uses to add supports to our minis.
  • Unsupported: an option of files that have no supports, for advanced users to add their own. Also, these files can be used with FDM printers.

If you also want to know what to do after you print, we have this awesome 3D tips video, that'll teach you how to finish your prints perfectly.

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